Learn how to watercolor at Dirty Hands from professional watercolor artists who will share the tricks of their craft with you. Our watercolor technique will allow you to leave your one hour session with actual abilities to paint on your own.  Come back for more to perfect your technique and hang with a community of like minded creatives.  

Classes include supplies



Our process involves using tracing paper to warm up your hand and set the image with graphite.  We then will jump right in to painting and show you how to blend colors using the right sized brushes and movements. 

Artboard 26@3x.png


The sketches we make in house are hand crafted, some times humorous, and always fly.  We air on the side of an animation style and bust out designs that you'll want to keep in your home and even frame. 

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The saddest crap you normally see in a watercolor class is a lame sunset or a bunch of blurry colors.  We control the process, the design and help you make color choices that won't bring back high school art class shame.  Trust in us to make sure you leave class hyped on what you made.