Tape Shit

Tape Shit is the most popular class at Dirty Hands for several reasons.  First off - it's called "Tape Shit."  Second - it's the only class in the NYC art class market where you will actually make a contemporary piece of work in one hour.  People fall in love with their image for a reason and you will too.

Classes include supplies


Taping Shit is Fun

This class format allows for an awesome group environment that is collaborative, conversational and beats an hour in therapy. 


Think For Yourself

Your vision will develop on the canvas as you go, leaving you to be the ultimate free-thinking artist.  At Tape Shit we do not prescribe the image to you, because sometimes...we trust you to make the right decisions. 


Get Advanced

Tape Shit is the most common technique amongst contemporary artists today and with just a little work and a little love, you can expand your skills and master the canvas by taking this class.