Here's what the peeps are saying:

"Dirty Hands is the best! I have taken a few classes here and I love the format. Every time the teacher emphasized the importance of the technique and helped me understand the art so I can appreciate it in the long term. It's not just your average 'drink and draw' and to call it that would be an insult.

The vibes are good. It's the perfect size, when I took classes there everyone was vibing and sharing their work, laughing and drinking. The teacher I had was hilarious!

Go, meet your friends there and have a blast!"

"Thank YOU so much! I had the best time! My girlfriends and are already talking about coming by to try out some of the other classes—so fun! My husband loves the painting so much, he wants to come try out the Tape Shit class. Really this is to say you have something really special there. Thank you so much for having us!"

"I had an amazing experience at Dirty Hands Last night. I have gone to many "paint and sip" classes and this completely exceeded my expectations! The space was beautiful, we used high quality materials  and the instructor genuinely cared about delivering an experience to the group. He made the session educational and fun! He was very attentive and even gave us practice work before we dived into our artwork. I will definitely be back!"