You want to learn about art in a place that oozes creativity? DIRTY HANDS is located in the heart of interesting. Chinatown and the Lower East Side are known as hubs of New York art culture. It has always been a street canvas used by locals and travelers alike. People from around the world come here to put their mark against some of the most respected names in NYC. We’re not saying our will make you a genius but it will make you inspired.  We welcome all levels at the Dirty Hands painting lounge NYC. 


Just going out on a limb but a place called “DIRTY HANDS” seems pretty scandalous. So it’s a perfect date spot to encourage experimentation. Art is an exercise made for voyeurs. We’ll teach you the techniques and then its up to you to perform. Dirty hands is here to encourage art but whatever canvas you choose is on you. Come to us when you're searching for that perfect couples class in NYC.



DIRTY HANDS was made because we love art. We believe everyone has to express themselves and they may just need a push in that direction. Besides just encouragement we also give you the techniques to make the madness. We want everyone to find that bit of wonder and exploit it to the fullest. We’ll give you the tools but you provide the vision.


Sometimes school can suck. So we promise not to be like school.  First off, you can BYO paining class at our studio.  Our classes are more like recess. We don’t want to just teach boring methods. We would rather pass notes to you in class. Yeah, we have the supplies and amazing instructors but this isn’t “paint-by-the numbers.” DIRTY HANDS will give you the techniques but we let you grade yourself because the only way to truly learn is to play around.