Color Worship

Drip, drop, drip, drop does not mean we're watching puddles form.  Color Worship lets you selectively place alcohol based inks on to yupo paper for a "holy fuck!" result.  This class is goooood.  So good that it only takes 45 minutes for us to teach it to you and will absolutely be the next piece of art you give to your significant other when you forgot their b-day.

Class supplies included.



Worship along side us at the church of imagination and use this technique to create divine art glory.  We're not even playing - this technique is heaven on earth!


Make it Digital

One of the most rewarding parts of Color Worship is letting your friends worship you. Share your masterpiece on social and blow their minds.  This piece transforms to JPGS and GIFS better than Optimus Prime.  


Get Involved

At Dirty Hands, we worship a dirty hand. One filled with color, some inks and acrylics and some good old fashioned mess mess.  Color Worship let's you be part of the paint if you want or dainty and divine if you're actually in class on a date.