Drawing is fundamental to art yet so often the process is boring and therefore dumb.  Not at Dirty Hands!  We show you amazing ways to draw the wildest things in your brain and give them a personality.  It's no surprise that our artists drawing nights fill up fast! Come to characters and learn how to be a part of the movement! 

Class supplies included.



Shapes and how to manipulate them are the beginning of any relevant art process, yet often not understood by new and even advanced artists.  We'll give you the basics but not the boring


Make Merch

Take characters and learn the basics to make your own signature creeps and monsters.  As animation and characters become further engrained in our culture this technique will put you in the drivers seat to learning how to be a part of the game


Get Weird

Straight lines are for accountants.  Let's get weird. Make something that expresses your current feelings around the bastardization of rococo period nudes and it's affect on the modern figure or draw a blob and call him bob. Your call.